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Beholding the Sacred

Joseph Tierney

The Great Commission, St. John's Seminary, Camarillo, CA

The Great Commission, St. John's Seminary Chapel

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Joseph Tierney, was born in Dublin and studied at the Dublin Metropolitan Art School (now the National College of Art and Design).  Among his teachers were painter Sir William Orpen and Muralist James Ward.  Tierney came to the United States shortly after World War I and founded the now defunct, Church Crafts Center in New York City in the 1920’s.  

Tierney stained glass windows are a glowing testimony to the life of a man who was deeply devoted to his faith.  His work is a glowing testimony to the life of a man who was deeply devoted to his faith, understood it, and with each commission immersed himself in the history and theology of the subjects. Tierney was never shy to incorporate church history and a wealth of Christian symbolism in glorious glass.  

One can find the noble work of Joseph Tierney throughout Ireland. Stateside, his work is found throughout New York (Cardinal Spellman favored him), in the Franciscan Center in Washington DC, and St. Stephen’s in Pittsburgh, PA, and St. Joseph’s Chapel at Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA.  On the West Coast, one finds his work in  American Martyrs Church, Manhattan Beach, CA, St. Timothy’s, Los Angeles, CA, and St. John’s Seminary, Camarillo, CA.