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Beholding the Sacred

Our Lady of Guadalupe

La Habra, CA

Our Lady of Guadalupe, La Habra

‚ÄčOur Lady of Guadalupe Church, established in 1947, is a spirited community in the city of La Habra and spiritual home to several thousand families.  

The church boasts a collection of some of the most vibrant and beautiful stained glass windows in the Diocese of Orange.  They were crafted by the Harry Clarke Studios, of Dublin Ireland, in 1972, just one year before the studios closed.  True to the style of the Studio, they are colorful, expertly crafted, and inspiring stunning to behold.  

The windows were designed by William J. Dowling (1907-1980); he was hired by Harry Clarke in 1928 and learned to work in the Clarke style under his direct supervision.  Dowling served the studio as manager from 1940 until it closed in 1973.   

True to the style of the studio, the windows are colorful, expertly crafted, and absolutely stunning.  The church is always bathed in a mosaic of color at any given time as the light comes through the large windows.  Deep red, vibrant gold, soothing blues hang in the air like mist and lift the soul to prayer.  It is the perfect backdrop for a quiet moment of worship.  

The sanctuary and transept windows are the most stunning.  The sanctuary triptych depicts the Crucifixion.  The west transept depicts the Nativity and the east transept windows an excellent depiction of the Resurrection.  

A visit to the church will not disappoint. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church is located at: 

900 W. La Habra Blvd.
La Habra, CA 90631